Simple makeovers to make your bedroom cozy

Ideally, your bedroom should be the coziest place in the house. However, we often compromise on comfort to get the aesthetics right. With these simple makeover tips, you can turn your bedroom into your cozy little heaven.

Add lighting

Play around with the lighting in your bedroom. Hang some string lights on a sheet or your bed frame. The warm glow from the lights gives the room a cozy feel. Have table lights on either side of the bed in case you want to read.

Get an organic Mattress

A good organic mattress is supportive, firm, and eco-friendly. It is comfortable, durable, and has a reasonable life-span. It is also cooling, so when you sleep, you never feel too hot or cold. If you are looking for an organic mattress, get a $200 off Birch Organic Mattress.

Get more comfortable bedding

To get that cozy feel, getting the right bedding is essential. A fluffy duvet can make quite a difference while you sleep. Feather or fiber duvets will make sleeping in your bed feel like sleeping on clouds. Switch out the cotton sheets for silk or linen sheets. They have sleek feel to them and last longer.

Toss the top sheet

Try sleeping without a top sheet. Instead, wrap your duvet or comforter in a duvet cover. This will ease making the bed in the morning. Pick an easy to clean cover made from a soft natural fiber.

Get a fluffy pillow-top pad

Buying pillow-top mattresses can be expensive. Instead, purchase the pillow-top pad and stick it onto your mattress. It will add a plush layer to the bed, making it softer.

Add more pillows

Throw pillows are a great way to cozy-up a space, so why not add them to your bedroom. They can be quite pricey, so get your DIY on add make some.

Add a headboard

There are a lot of ideas on how to add headboards to your bed. Headboards can be made out of anything, as long as it is sturdy. If you love a DIY project, you can make one yourself, or pop into your local store and purchase one if you don’t have time to make it. Personalize it with a custom paint job, or pictures to make it cozier.

Add a canopy

A canopy adds romance and a grand quality to any bed. You can get creative with the many choices available.

Add a photo wall to your bedroom

Put up your cherished photos on your bedroom wall. You can look up fun ways to arrange the pictures either with or without frames.

Add blackout curtains

These are curtains that block light from getting into your bedroom, enabling you to have quality uninterrupted sleep. Play around with the colors to determine what works for you. Typically warm, darker tones are said not reflect light.

Paint your bedroom

Go for warm darker hues for that cozy feel. However, if you have darker curtains, opt for a lighter color for the walls. This will help let light in during the day.

Sometimes, it’s all about adding what you love to make your room cozy. Add a reading area, for instance, if you enjoy reading and personalize your space.


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