Dear Bean – Week Twenty Eight

Dear Bean

One more week ticked off. If I’m being honest, I’m really struggling. I’m not enjoying this pregnancy at all, and that makes me feel guilty some days. It’s really tough going, and some days I am seriously questioning how I am going to make it through until the end. My back has been terrible for the last week – only really at night. It doesn’t seem to matter how I sleep, how many pillows I prop under or around me, I still wake up halfway through the night in agony. And not just with an achy back, the muscles are screaming with pain, it leaves me in tears and having to struggle out of bed and try and stretch it out.

Last night I ended up trying to doze sitting up, with a million pillows behind me and a hot water bottle tucked in to try and ease the muscles. Eventually, it subsided enough I could lay down and try and sleep a little more. I long for someone to give me a back rub, or just sit up with me in the middle of the night when I’m feeling so crap.

Bean is still super wriggly, there are no worries there at all. We’re all set – just have to try and survive these next 12 weeks – that feels like a lifetime right now though.

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