Choosing a guiding word for 2018


“Where you invest your love, you invest your life.” 

I have chosen a soul word to focus on each year for several years now- I think this is the eighth year in a row that I’ve picked one. A word to use as a mantra for the coming year. Gentler than resolutions, a word can be taken in different ways, and it can’t be “broken”.

Last year’s word was B E G I N, a perfect word for the start of my new life, as a single woman and single mama, embarking on a whole new adventure. It proved to be a fitting mantra for the year. Every time I faltered, I began again. Time and time again, I picked myself back up and brushed off the dirt, never giving up, trying again and again until I made it.

I spent December pondering what 2018’s word would be, spending time quietly, listening to my heart, listening to the voice inside me, looking for some inner guidance. Just before Christmas a word popped into my mind, I let it sit there for a while, mulling it over, seeing how it felt until I was sure that it was the right word to embrace for 2018.


The word that kept speaking to me is S U R R E N D E R. While last year I kept beginning, I also kept fighting – against myself, against my past, against moving forward and letting go. So when the word surrender popped into my mind, I knew it was what I needed. To stop fighting against life, to give in to where I am right now and to move with it. To let go of the constant worry about what the future holds for me, and to embrace the now. It doesn’t mean not fighting, not creating the life I want – rather, it’s a reminder to stop fighting against who I am, and work with what I have right this moment. The peace I felt when I choose it to be my guiding word for 2018 was proof enough it’s the right word for me.

So, why choose a guiding word?

Personally, I find having a guiding word helps me focus all of my thinking for the whole year – great, as usually, I am all over the place in how I envision my year panning out. Also, a word that covers all of my goals helps define my focus for the year.

A guiding word is more flexible than set resolutions, it can change and adapt as the year goes on – there is no ‘failing’ with a guiding word. While I set a lot of goals each year, having one guiding word in my mind to focus on is often easier than remembering each individual goal all the time.

If you haven’t picked a word yet, or maybe you’ve never chosen a guiding word before, I made a little download to help you. First, list any inspiring words that pop into your mind {there is no right or wrong words here}, then list goals for the year – I like to break mine down into life areas such as health, wellbeing, career, family, etc.

Then go back through your list of inspiring words, with your goals in mind and see which word jumps out at you! Click on the image to download the PDF.


I’d love to hear what your guiding word for 2018 is!

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