Soft Hands


When I first became a mama, I never even thought about the effect all the washing would have on my hands. Somehow, being a mama seems to equal lots of hand washing!! While we’re out of the nappy stages, I seem to have my hands in a bowl of water rather a lot, dish washing, wiping sides, washing paint pots out. Add to that mix gardening and looking after all our animals, I wash my hands a lot throughout the day. As soon as the Autumn rolls in, the skin on my hands starts drying out and chapping.

Dettol have come out with a new hand wash, with added E45 softness – it kills 99.9% of bacteria as well as protecting from dryness. We’ve been trying it out over the past couple of weeks, and so far so good! My hands feel softer after washing, the skin less tight and dried out.

I have high hopes that this winter my hands won’t be so sore and cracked!! The handwash doesn’t have the overpowering smell of Dettol, we tried the nourishing honey, it is also available in comforting camomile and replenishing lotus flower.

we recieved this handwash to try from Spink. All opinions are my own.

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