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Feeling the load

Lately, I’ve been feeling the load – the overwhelm of all that parenting brings, especially as a single parent. Getting kids ready for Uni/College/Groups, figuring out who needs to be...

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Mum Guilt – let’s talk about it

I was sat with friends the other day, chatting about this and that and everything in between. We ended up talking about taking time out/off/for ourselves, and how everyone has...

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I’m no super{wo}man

Five kids. One house. Four cats. A dog. Homeschooling. Schooling. Self-employment. Family life. Kids commitments…. One single Mama. It sounds a recipe for chaos, and truthfully, sometimes there is. Yet...

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Listening to my heart song

The last few years have been a rollercoaster, there have been some major ups and downs, life has been shaken about more than once and I’ve continuously had to pick...

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Five Weeks

It’s kinda crazy that Oren has been Earthside for five weeks already. There were times when I was pregnant that I wondered how I would manage. With four older kiddos,...

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A little pondering on life

Who else is in denial it’s December already? This year has flown by and I can’t believe we’re almost at its end already. It’s been a funny old year for...

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