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Top Tips for Renovating Your Home DIY

Although it is possible to renovate your home DIY, starting a refurbishment project from scratch can be difficult. If you find yourself stuck, Easefix provides Professional Workers for your daily...

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A Room Refresh

A friend came to my house recently and commented how much they love it, that it was like a treasure trove. My house is full of colour, shelves full of...

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4 ways to make your home cosy

A cosy home is a place where you feel comfortable, and want to spend time relaxing with friends, family or on your own. There are many ways that you can...

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Choosing Curtains for Kids Rooms

For all the parents out there, admit it, you are the most excited when decorating your kids’ room. Since children are more sensitive, it is essential to consider their psychology....

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How To Make More Of A Rental Home

Whether you’ve always been a renter rather than an owner or you’re temporarily renting, you may feel that it’s almost impossible to add personality to a rental home. The fact...

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