Terma Radiators – adding style to your bathroom

It is often said that the kitchen is the heart of the home…. if that is true, then the bathroom is the soul. The bathroom is the place we go to recharge and recharge ourselves. A place that can give us a reset – so it stands to reason that it needs to be a place that feels calming and restful.

There is a lot of advice to be found on how to create calming bathroom decor – from what wall colour you should choose to which plants you should add, plenty of guides to choosing the correct bathtub and what artwork to hang in your bathroom. The radiator, however? It is something that is very often overlooked, yet it is also something that can dominate the room and which has the power to completely alter how the bathroom looks and feels.

Long gone are the days when a radiator was just a radiator – for now, we have so much choice, and a radiator is not simply there to offer heat or a place to hang your towels to dry, but it can also be an eye-catching part of the bathroom decor.

If you are looking to add a designer element to your bathroom, then terma radiators are what you need. Here are my top four picks to add instant style to your bathroom.

Terma Hex Modern Designer Radiator

This unique honeycomb design is sure to draw attention! With pegs to allow you to hang towels, it not only brings heat but style to your bathroom, casting beautiful shadows on the wall behind it. It will offer a central focus to your bathroom, whilst ticking off the practical boxes of heating and drying space.

Terma Ouse Designer Towel Rail

The classic towel rail with a modern twist. A retro-style radiator that will make a big impact in any bathroom. Plenty of space to dry towels or warm pajamas, this radiator really will change the look of your bathroom.

Terma Outcorner Radiator

If you have an awkward-shaped bathroom where space is a little short, then this radiator could be a game-changer! It is designed to wrap neatly around a corner, it’s an excellent space-saver making the most of every inch of room that you have.

Terma Swale Designer Towel Rail

The curved lines and asymmetric pattern of this radiator not only look beautiful but are practical too – giving off warmth and making ease of drying your towels.

Terma Plain Freestanding Column Radiator

I love the old-school look of this radiator, it would look fantastic in a bathroom with a freestanding bath. It offers an impressive heat output, as well as the retro vibe that it will bring.

These Terma Radiators really do stand out from the crowd, offering style as well as heat for your bathroom.

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