The Happy List #5

Mondays seem to roll around quickly right now! We’ve just gotten home from Beastie’s swimming lesson, the kids are playing for an hour while I do some work, then they’ve got a lesson to do in a while! The sun has come out, although the wind is blowing like crazy.

It’s been a good weekend, I had a little time to myself and managed to do some serious planning and figuring things out. I feel like I haven’t written much lately, and that is something that I really want to rectify.

Starting out small, with a happy list for this week!

1/Cinema time – it’s the IntoFilm Festival this month, and we always look forward to a month of lots of movies! We saw a few last week – including the beautiful The Red Turtle that we loved {we’re big Studio Ghibli fans!}

2/Sleepover with my boys – on Saturday night, it was just me and the boys at home. We dragged my mattress downstairs, created a giant bed in the living room, ordered takeaway and watched movies. It was fab!

3/2024 By Design Workbook – I was lucky enough to win a copy of this workbook on Instagram last week, I’ve been filling it in and it is fabulous! Perfect for getting some clarity on this past year, and starting to create an amazing 2024!

What is on your Happy List this week?

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