Opening up

Sitting curled up on my sofa, a beautiful playlist singing in the background, working on some new opportunities, I’m feeling so very thankful for this life. The first half of this year felt like a slog. I was wading through mud the whole time. Dragging my feet, and only just keeping my head above water. Surviving.

In those times, when we’re feeling stuck, or anxious, low, trapped, bogged down by life, it can be hard to hold on. I’ve learned how important it is not to try to push those feelings away though. Instead to sit with them. Feel them. Allow them to surface. Even if it feels like they’ll never leave.

There is no avoiding feelings, no outrunning them, no escape. Sometimes, the best thing is to just let them be. And that is just what I did. No judgement on myself for not being as productive as I thought I ‘should’ be. No anger that I had no motivation.

Then suddenly, it felt as though a weight had been lifted. The mud vanished and everything felt so much easier. My joy returned. My Mojo. My motivation. I found myself feeling excited instead of anxious. Doing instead of dreaming.

Putting plans into place and taking action.

Reminding myself that nothing comes without action. I have to go out there and chase my dreams. Take opportunities when they arise. Believe in myself. Know that I can do anything I put my mind to.

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