5 Causes of Ankle Injuries: When to Lawyer Up?

Suffering with an injured ankle can wreak havoc in your life. Ankle injuries intrude on your daily life, making it difficult to function on your own and do basic tasks, and they are hard to heal, since resting an ankle means almost total immobility.

But what happens when an ankle injury could have been avoided? And what happens if that injury does more than just slow you down, what if it causes permanent damage to your quality of life by causing you to lose your job, or racking up huge medical bills? If this is the case with your ankle, you may be considering if you should get in touch with a lawyer to discuss your case. Let’s go over the most common causes of ankle injuries and when they warrant lawyering up.

1. Car accidents

Ankle injuries from car accidents aren’t uncommon. Your leg is often braced out when the impact happens, which can cause damage to the ligaments, tendons, or bones in your ankles. While newer cars are much safer overall, the incidence of foot and leg injuries resulting from car accidents has actually gone up.

If you were involved in a car accident where a negligent driver hit your vehicle, discussing your case with a lawyer should be a top priority. You can check this url to get a better understanding of how your lawyer can help you get off a fair settlement deal. This should be done before you talk to an insurance adjuster so that you don’t say anything you shouldn’t. While insurance adjusters may come across as friendly, you are being interviewed by them the whole time.

2. Falls

Slipping on ice, a slippery substance, or uneven flooring is a common way to end up with a hurt or broken ankle. If this happens while you’re at a place of business, at your workplace, or out walking around a town on littered or damaged sidewalks, then getting in touch with a slip and fall lawyer could be the best thing for you to recoup costs and get your life back on track.

3. Workplace accidents

If you work in a setting with large machinery or heavy items, you could be at risk of damaging your feet and ankles with a crushing injury, amputated toes or feet, burns, fractures, or electrical shocks. While our workplaces have become safer, there are still many instances where an unsafe workplace has permanently damaged a person’s feet or ankles, rendering them unable to earn an income. In these situations, your workplace may be at fault and talking to a lawyer experienced in workplace injuries is a very good idea.

4. Pedestrian accidents

Every day, pedestrians are victims of distracted drivers who run red lights, turn without looking, or illegally cross intersections. A high number of these incidents result in broken or injured feet and lower legs from where the car is most likely to impact you or from tires running over your feet. If this has happened to you, the driver may be liable and their insurance would cover your medical costs and pay for your suffering.

5.  Motorcycle accidents

A common outcome of a motorcycle accident is severe injury to the feet. Because of how exposed you are on a motorcycle, it’s not uncommon for these accidents to be especially dangerous to the motorcycle driver or passenger. Many times, cars don’t notice motorcycles or don’t give them enough of a wide berth, resulting in dangerous and damaging accidents.

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