Using a vertical garden planter to make the most of your space

My garden is pretty small, I hope to be able to move in the near future to a house where we have more outdoor space. I want to have enough room for a garden allotment – raised beds to grow my own veg in, rows of fruit bushes and maybe a fruit tree or three.

For now, I do what I can with the space that we have. I think it’s really important for kids to grow their own fruit and veg – to see it develop from a seed into something that we can eat, to nurture it, pick it, understand how the food chain works – rather than food just being something we buy from the supermarket.

So while space is limited, it doesn’t mean that we can’t grow any of our own produce. Here are a few tips that work well for us

Use vertical planters

While ground space may be limited, height is not. I moved all my strawberry plants into a vertical garden planter. This freed up space in the beds for other things. Our strawberries have done so well in their new home this year, I am going to invest in another vertical planter for next year. I love this vertical composting planter – not only does it give you space for 50 plants it also has a built-in composter!

Wall Planters

I’ve recently discovered these hanging wall planters, they are fantastic for herbs and even salad leaves! They simply hang on nails on either a fence or a wall, and you can even get self-watering ones. These are amazing for increasing your growing space and brighten up a wall!

Hanging Baskets

I love to grow plants in hanging baskets. I think it adds interest to a garden and is a great way of helping to keep slugs and snails off my produce! I usually grow cherry tomatoes in hanging baskets, You could also grow strawberries, peppers, lettuce, and trailing plants such as nasturtiums or herbs such as chives or rosemary.

Small Greenhouses

The other thing that we have found really beneficial, is the purchase of an inexpensive greenhouse. With four tiers and a small footprint, it only takes up a small amount of space but allows us somewhere to start seeds off, as well as to grow plants that need a warmer environment such as peppers, aubergines and cucumbers.

Grow upwards in pots

We have a lot of large planters that I companion plant to make the most of the space we have. We have grown sweetcorn in pots, with beans growing up them. Tomatoes paired with marigolds, nasturtiums with kale

Do you utilise vertical growing in your garden? I would love to hear any tips or suggestions you may have!

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