A few boho spring favourites

earrings // rings // kimono // dungarees // scarf

The older I’ve become, the more confident with my own boho style I’ve become. I know what I like, and follow that rather than any trends.

My wardrobe is a mish-mash of vintage pieces, charity shop finds, and the odd new purchase. I lean towards a boho style, colourful, pretty, comfy. Comfort is definitely key, working from home and running around after little people, I need practical clothing. I never was a high heel girl – give me warm, chunky boots in the winter and a pair of Birkenstocks come summer and I’m happy.

My biggest clothing love this last couple of years has been dungarees. At first, I wasn’t too sure, but now – well, if my growing collection is anything to go by, I love them! I have lots of pairs, from plain coloured cord one, stripy ones, ones with cats on and my favourite paint splash ones I got for my birthday.

Teamed with a vest top and/or a wool jumper and that’s pretty much my daily outfit. If I’m not in dungarees I’m usually in yoga leggings, a flowy tee and a gorgeous kimono layered over.

I love to add accessories to what I’m wearing – usually, a crystal necklace {lately I’ve been loving my angel aqua aura quartz, some boho earrings, and rings. Always rings. I only wear silver {or white gold}, and my hands feel so odd without any on – when I had my fingers tattooed and had to take them off I felt naked!

Simple, easy, me. I know what I like, and that’s what I stick to. Occasionally I’ll go all out and wear a dress – though my favourites aren’t especially breastfeeding friendly, so right now, they don’t get much wear. One day.

I’ll never be a girl with a minimalist wardrobe BUT I do shop mindfully. New purchases are rare and given a lot of thought. I look for small, independent businesses to support, buying key pieces I know will get a lot of wear and remain a staple for years to come. The same goes for my jewellery – I’m the kinda gal who wears the same rings constantly – not changing them up with my mood/outfit. So I’ll only invest in pieces that I LOVE.

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