Weekend Reflections

weekend reflections

Happy Equinox! First Day of Spring – so ready for today. What are you doing to celebrate? The boys and I have made a bird feeder, some pretty spring suncatchers, and planted some sunflowers. We’ll have a fire tomorrow evening as some are at their Dad’s tonight.

This week has flown by, we’ve had busy days and life seems to be getting back into some sort of ‘normal’. We’re hopeful we may have a home ed group back on soon – it’s been a year! The kiddos will be so excited.

I finished my life coaching this week, and it has been so incredibly helpful, and has given me so much clarity. I’ve been working like crazy the last few weeks, feeling like I’ve finally gotten my mojo back after a couple of years of just coasting along. It feels good to have found my purpose again, to have figured out where I want to be, and some of how I’m going to get there.

It’s amazing how a mindset change can make SUCH a differnece in life. The lsat couple of weeks, I’ve been so focused and driven and it is paying off- the more energy I put out there, the more comes back to me.

I’ve some big ideas that I’ll be putting into action soon, focusing on not only building a better life for me and my kiddos but helping others to build a better life too.

For now, I’m signing out for the rest of the weekend, having a little bit of downtime and getting ready for Baya’s birthday on Tuesday. My fingers are crossed for a sunny day, it’ll be her second lockdown birthday and we’re hoping for a long walk by the river!

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