Sprucing up the garden ready for Spring

With Spring literally just around the corner, I can feel the change in the air. The days are not quite so cold, it is already light when I wake up, and the sun hasn’t set before we eat dinner. After a long, cold winter in lockdown, the promise of better weather is very much appreciated.

I love this time of year. When the sun is shining it is possible to imagine summer again. We’ve started venturing back out into the garen, a space that has been a little neglected over the winter months {other than spending many hours in the hottub on our patio}.

With buds coming on the lilac tree, daffodils and crocus in bloom and the birds singing away, it is once again a space we want to spend time in. There is definietly some work to be done, to get it spruced up before summer is in full flow. In the wramer months, we spend as much time outdoors as we can, eating, playing, reading, talking.

I’ve slowly started the task of tidying the garden up. Sweeping the patio, removing the leaves and mud that has colleted over the winter, repotting the hanging baskets and putting some bedding plants in to add a burst of colour while I wait for the summer plants to flourish.

It’s amazing what a difference a little TLC can make. The next on my list is to tackle our patio space where we have the BBQ, fire pit, table, and chairs. It’s looking decidedly sorry for itself. Not surprising really given that they are all over ten years old and have seen better days. I spray painted the table and chairs a few years back, and that gave them a new lease of life but I think it may be time to trade them in. Plus the table is tiny and we only have four chairs – not idea when there are six of us! I’ve been looking online, trying to find a good replacement. I came across Lazy Susan garden furniture and immediately knew it was what I have been looking for. Not only do they look amazing – but they offer larger seating options – 6, 8, and even sets for 10 plus people.

With restirictions easing, I cannot wait for the days when we can have a garden full of friends again. BBQ on, music playing, all the kiddos running around, bouncing on the trampoline or playing on the climbing frame. Mama’s in the hot tub, delicious food and a cocktail or two. In the meantime, I’ll carry on with the garden sprucing – creating a space that we love to spend time in.

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