Postpartum Essentials

Almost three weeks postpartum, and physically this has been the easiest recovery I have ever had after a birth. For the fifth time, I was super lucky not to have torn whilst delivering, and I was up and about the day after giving birth. Still, there are some items that prove to be essential in the postpartum period… here are what I always have ready for after my babies are born:

PostPartum Essentials Checklist

Care for down there
+Maternity/Sanitary Pads – I buy ‘night time’ sanitary pads {as they are cheaper, and I find them to be more comfortable} rather than maternity pads for the first week or so.
+Normal Sanitary Pads – once the bleeding has slowed down, I switched to reusable sanitary pads, you could, of course, use them from day one, but I found those first few days post-birth I needed to make life as easy as I could for myself. I use Bloom & Nora reusable pads.
+Earth Mama Angel Baby – New Mama Bottom Spray. Made with witch hazel, antibacterial lavender, and cooling peppermint pure essential oils, it’s great for relieving postpartum vaginal soreness and swelling.
+Homemade icepacks – if you’re really sore, spread some aloe vera gel and a tablespoon of witch hazel on a sanitary pad, and pop in the freezer for an hour before putting in your pants – instant relief!

+Knickers – a lot of post-labour advice tells you to get some disposable pants. Don’t. They are horrid! I usually buy a few packs of cheap, big knickers {primark is great for these!} that you don’t mind throwing away after a few weeks.
+Maternity Leggings – because that big ol’ belly doesn’t vanish overnight, and frankly I’m more interested in comfort than in trying to fit into pre-pregnancy clothes straight after I’ve had a baby. I love these Love Leggings Maternity ones, as they are so comfy, they don’t go see through and they go over your postpartum belly, rather than digging in and being uncomfortable.
+Nursing Sleep Bras – once your milk comes in, your boobs suddenly turn into two bowling balls that can be really uncomfortable. I found that for the first few weeks, a sleep bra made a huge difference. I love these Mothercare ones.
+ Nursing bra – a well fitting, comfy bra is a big must. I love this Bravado one – it is so soft and the foam cups are stretchy whilst offering good support.
+Nursing Tank Tops – these are my favourite things to wear. I tend to live in tanks/vest tops anyway, and these are great under a chunky jumper this time of year, or on their own if it’s warmer! These ones are great, and inexpensive too!
+Breastvest – I came across these just after Vega was born and quickly bought a couple. They’re great! A vest that stops just below your bra, it’s great for wearing under other tops for discreet feeding – and keeping that post-partum tummy covered if you don’t want to show everyone!

Boob Care
+Breast Pads – you will leak once your milk comes in – stock up, reusable ones are what I prefer {hate disposable anything!}.
+Nipple Cream – I use this Lansinoh one
+Breast Soothers – these gel pads that you use hot or cold, popped in your bra are amazing for soothing sore boobs!

Other bits
+Pain Relief – your Doctor may prescribe you something, if not talk to your midwife if you’re in pain.
+Lipbalm – my lips always get really dry and cracked, so I keep some on hand all the time
+Hand cream – lots of handwashing and bottom cleaning can make your hands feel really dry.
+Water – especially if you are breastfeeding, keeping hydrated is essential. Don’t ever sit on the sofa/bed to feed the baby without a glass of water in reach!

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