3 Cool Projects for Kids That Adults Will Want to Try

How old are you? How young do you feel? Age, as they say, is just a number, and just because your body creaks and aches with the pain of adulthood, burdened with responsibility and the accrued stress of a mechanical life, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy what kids like.

In fact, it’s even more so advisable to, once in a while, think like a child again and have fun!

Remember when, as a child, you created something cool, which you’d immediately show it off to mom and dad and your friends, you’d have a warm feeling of wonder and accomplishment inside? You can still rediscover such youthful emotions.

Try your hand at these cool projects that even little kids can do. Pretty soon, you’ll be oohing and aahing (from amazement, not from a lack of verbal capacity) like a child again, and you can even show and tell your workmates about this awesome project you did over the weekend. Neat, huh?

So without further ado, here are three cool kids’ projects that you may want to try crafting.

Create a Quidditch Golden Snitch

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Okay, so you grew up reading and/or watching Harry Potter, you’re now in the middle of your life, and you’re still waiting for your letter of acceptance to Hogwarts—never mind your kids’ wizard/witch dreams.

Sad to say that you may not have passed their standards, (ahem) muggle (ahem).

But don’t let that crush your magical fantasies. You can still play Quidditch in real life! Okay, more like a cross between rugby and frisbee since Quidditch is . . . well . . . a cross between rugby and frisbee—except on flying broomsticks. However, what would Quidditch be without a golden snitch?

Making one on your own (or with your kids) is straightforward and easy. You only need a ping-pong ball as the core, any cardboard box to cut and form the wings (which means you need a pair of scissors), a glue gun to fix the wing cut out to the ball as well as trace a design around the latter, and lastly, a can of gold metallic spray paint to apply the color to the finished product. Most of these are cheap and common craft supplies.

Build a Lava Lamp

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Here’s something that can instantly add the cool factor to your living room.

Just like the two other project ideas in this list, a DIY lava lamp is also easy to craft; otherwise, it wouldn’t be advisable for kids, will it?

First off, the basic principle: oil and water. You may already know that those two don’t mix, that oil will always settle (or force its way) above H2O, and that’s pretty much the concept of this lava-lamp project.

You’re going to pour vegetable oil into an empty glass or plastic bottle, about halfway up the container. Then comes the water, which will occupy the rest of the bottle with an inch of empty space left at the top. Immediately the water, being denser than oil, will sink to the bottom of the glass.

Now comes the fun part: the alka-seltzer bomb!

Well, all right, not really a bomb. However, alka-seltzer reacts to water and creates CO2 bubbles, which stick to water droplets and carry them up through the oil. When the bubble reaches air, it will burst, and its cargo of water will sink back to the bottom but still retain the bubble shape.

This chemical reaction will keep occurring until the alka-seltzer, now at the bottom of the bottle, completely disintegrates. You can put another alka-seltzer tablet to renew the sizzling action.

Fill Balloons with Shaving Cream

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Got some leftover shaving cream? Then funnel them into balloons!

It’s like making water balloons, except you’ll be using the unused dregs of your beard (or armpit) foam.

Sounds icky? Hey, being a kid means getting messy, and more mess means more fun. Besides, shaving cream is relatively cheap. Not as cheap as water, but certainly more exciting!

Once you have your rubber filled with shaving cream, you can either declare a balloon war with your kids or hang and pin your cream-filled creations on a piece of canvas or unused wood and play darts, trying to pop each ’loon into a foamy splattering.


If you have kids, you may want to have them try any of these activities. Do be sure to join in on their fun! It’ll be a great bonding moment between you and your cubs.

And while you’re enjoying yourself, you can sneak in some parental advice and guidance to your children, words of wisdom that’ll stick with them forever, impressing on their growth just like how you’re shaping a clay mold into a fine sculpture.

At the very least, you’ll be able to ignite your childish glee again as you grin like a proud goblin at your crafty creations.

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