Three Good Things

Monday again… how do these weeks roll around so fast?! We’re having a quiet-ish day here, I’m feeling super tired after a restless night, so am currently sat watching an episode of Dr Who with Kiki, trying to get my brain into gear!

Here are my #threegoodthings from last week

* Photo Booth Fun ~ The kiddos and I had a blast last week taking some silly photos together {If you’re local to Wrexham you should pop into Ty Pawb and pay the Magical Mystery Photo Booth a visit}

Me time ~ one thing I’m pretty crap at is giving myself time off, too often, when I get a rare few hours without the kiddos, I spend all of my time working and running around like a crazy person. Sunday I didn’t do that. I stopped and spent the day relaxing and just being. It was BLISS.

* Changes ~ Beastie has been co-sleeping all of his life, and while I loved it, suddenly it’s become time to change things. He asked to sleep in Kiki’s bed at the beginning of last week, and ever since he’s been sleeping in his own bed. Add to that it’s now four days since he has breastfed, and I’m wondering how my baby grew up overnight ♥

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