Friday I’m in love ♥

Happy Friday folks! I hope you’ve all had a lovely week. We have been loving every single second of this sunshine! Seriously – I’ve decided I really need to emigrate to a warm country – I love this weather! We’ve been living outdoors as much as possible, eating in the garden, splashing in the paddling pool and picnic-ing in the park.

The only downside to the lovely weather is that we’re not very inclined to do any work. I’ve been sneaking in a little work time here and there to try and keep on top of everything. We spent last weekend away with friends, they live just outside of town, in a farmhouse that a few of them share. It’s literally the most perfect place, and definitely my dream home. The kiddos love it there as there is so much space to play, and it is so peaceful. It was a weekend full of partying, so by Monday we were all a little tired and in need of some sleep, but our hearts were full and our fun batteries most certainly recharged.

Today’s about finishing off work so we can have a fun weekend, Baya and Beastie have gymnastics in the morning, then we’re off to a summer fair where Baya is taking part in a gymnastic display with her squad. Then we’re hoping to go somewhere for a picnic on Sunday. For now – here are a few things I’ve been loving this week:

* This reverse bucket list is such a good idea!

* Ths TED talk on the brain changing effects of regular exercise is fascinating

* Being barefoot benefits brain development

* There’s some great ideas to for crafts with wool to keep your kiddos busy in this video

* One pot Quinoa and Black Bean Wraps – they sound so good

* 5 tips for raising a happy kid

* Top 10 foods for anti-aging – therre are a few on here that I don’t eat as I’m vegan, but the rest I’ll be eating lots of!

* If you’re starting to look for some summer holiday fun, then why not plan a trip to Drayton Manor – their Summer Sensation campaign runs from Wednesday 25th July to Monday 3rd September, there will be lots of extra events to enjoy – from meeting PJ Masks characters to a Food & Craft Festival. Take a look at their website for more info

* A daily dose of happiness from the Dalai Lama

Have a good weekend!

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