Fire in the Mountain Festival 2018

We spent last weekend in a field near Aberystwyth, at Fire in the Mountain. It was our first festival of the year, and despite the awful weather forecast, the sun shone and we spent five amazing days running barefoot, listening to some fantastic live music, partying, making new friends, seeing impromptu jams in the middle of the river and hanging out with old ones and generally having an amazing time.

We honestly had the best weekend ever, I think all of us would happily have stayed there for much longer – though real beds and hot showers were very much appreciated after five days in a field. It was our first time there, but it is definitely one of my very favourite festivals – made all the better by the fact we spent it with some of our lovely friends.

The festival is only tiny, and so kid-friendly. I barely saw the girls all weekend, they were off having adventures with their friends. Kiki and her friends spent the weekend doing henna and face glitters, and made loads of money between them! They loved having the freedom to come and go as they pleased, checking in with me whenever they found me!

And me… well, it was so good to let my hair down, do a little partying after dark, catch some good music, hang with friends and make some new ones.

It tops my list of festivals for sure, we’re already counting down to next year! Here are a few lots of photos!

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