A Time to Relax: Have You Heard of These 5 Creative Ways to Spend Some Time with Your Kids?

Busy parents find spending quality time with their kids to be challenging. Finding spare time seems almost futile. The following suggestions may open up a little time in your busy schedule is such a way that both accomplishes the goal and is productive.

Tackle the To-Do List with Your Kids

Take them with you to the grocery store. Talk to the children before you go. Make the trip a fun lesson or game. Showing kids how to do some chores around the house creates teachable moments that have you spending time with your child and accomplishing things that need to be done.

Let the kids help in the kitchen. They can stir and cut. Your little helpers can put clothes in or take clothes out of the dryer and help sort. Allow them to mop or vacuum. It may take a bit longer and not be done as well as you might do it, but the tradeoff of spending time with your children is worth it.

Just Say ‘Yes’

Shonda Rhimes is the creator of Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal. She makes playing with her kids a priority. Anytime she is asked to play; she stops what she is doing and says ‘Yes.’ It usually only takes about ten minutes of her time. Both she and her daughters enjoy the time they spend together.

Eat Dinner Together

Eating together may not be possible every night but do so as often as possible. Turn off the TV and focus on your kids instead of the other things that had your attention during the day.

Plan a Date Night

Every couple of weeks have a date night with your child. It does not have to be expensive or super special. Let the child choose what they would like to do. It may be playing a game by the child’s rules or cuddling as you watch a movie. Toys for 6 year old boys can be entertaining for adults also.

Choose Gifts that Lend Themselves to Together Time

Let’s look at some things six-year-old boys might like. They like to build things from various materials. Some of the gifts require adult help and supervision. Some suggestions include carpentry materials, erector sets, scale model kits, K’NEX kits, and Legos.

Card and board games are a fun way to teach social interaction skills. Games like Monopoly Junior, Yahtzee, and Uno reinforce math, numbers, and reading skills. If you show a child how to play checkers or chess, he may develop something he enjoys for the rest of his life.

Magic tricks and science experiments fascinate little boys. There are science and magic kits available that you can work with your child as he masters the skills. Many six-year-olds like to start collections.

If the butterfly or bug collection doesn’t appeal to you, don’t discourage the child’s interest. Other things to collect include stamps and coins. Whether the child becomes a lifelong collector or loses interest, he will remember the time spent with you.

Splurge on a microscope gift for your kids. A microscope is an excellent tool to stoke their curiosity and their love for science. The right microscope can be a valuable investment in your child’s development. This essential scientific tool will open them to a fascinating new world and encourage them to ask questions and find answers to those questions. Moreover, it will create many learning and bonding opportunities for the whole family.


You may think spending quality time with your child requires a huge chunk of time investment. Saying ‘Yes’ to a few minutes of time each day, doing chores and eating together, and choosing to do things that interest your child are times well spent.

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