A family meal plan for April

Vegan family meal plan for a month

A little late posting this, as the littlest two and I have been sick this week. Hoping today’s sunshine sticks around – it is certainly helping me feel a little better today!

This is what we’ll be eating this month, well at least aiming too. I like to have a plan of what we’ll eat, though I’m totally flexible if something crops up or our plans change! Meals can easily be switched around from one week to the next – sometimes we just don’t fancy what I’d intended to make that day. NOthing overly exciting this month, just pretty standard meals here. We’re most likely out on Saturday evening, watching some music, so I will either take some food with us, or most likely, pick up a box or two of chips on the way!

* Roast Dinner
* BBQ’d Sausages, Corn Cobs
* Pesto Pasta
* Baked Potatoes, Taco Beans
* Vegan Quiche
* Veg Curry, Rice
* OUT??
* Picky Dinner
* Tomato Risotto, Grilled Greens
* Fajitas
* Hasselback Potatoes, Salad
* Vegan Chickpea Crepes
* Vegan Paella
* Pizza Night
* Picky Dinner
* Pasta Salad
* Dahl, Rice
* Tomato Soup, Baguette Pizza
* Roasted Veg, Basil Quinoa
* Crispy Tofu, Sweet Potato Mash
* Quinoa/Veg Burgers, Homemade Wedges
* Picky Dinner
* Veggie Soup
* Bean Taco’s
* Baked Pototoes
* Creamy Spaghetti with Peas & Spring Greens
* Pizza Night
* Veg stir-fry
* Picky Dinner
* Rataouille

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