A Family Travel Bucket List


The kiddos and I have been doing a lot of chatting lately, about this and that, life, the world… and we decided it would be fun to come up with a family travel bucket list! One thing that I want to change is getting out of this country – I haven’t been since I was pregnant with Lola, and the kids have never been abroad. I think that needs to change! So here are our top ten places to visit/holidays that we want to experience!

1| Disneyland

Top of our list for sure, the kiddos would LOVE to visit Disneyland so much. It’s been somewhere I’ve wanted to take the girls for so long, I keep seeing friends on Instagram posting photos of their trips and it looks like such an amazing experience!

2| Skiing

I never thought this would appeal {me and cold don’t mix} BUT I think you should try everything once, and I’m sure the middle two girls would love learning how to ski!

3| Greece

I’ve visited Kos many moons ago and would love to explore more of Greece. Lola is desperate to go as well – I’m thinking more a city/sightseeing break than a beach holiday!

4| A Cruise

I’ve been thinking about taking the kiddos on a cruise for a while. I was looking at some of the deals Bolsover Cruise has the other day, and was impressed at just how many family-friendly options they have – I think it would be a really fun way to see a few sights and have a great family holiday. There is entertainment for every age, lots of sun and plenty of fun!

5| California

I have been wanting to visit California for half my life, and still haen’t made it there! We have family just outside of Los Angeles so it would be amazing to combine a visit to them with seeing some of the sights on my list – Big Sur, Carmel, San Fransisco…

6| Morrocco

I’ll admit – I was inspired years ago by reading Hideous Kinky, but would love to take my kiddos to Morrocco and see the sights, and experience life there.

7| Turkey

I would love a trip to Turkey, seeing the real country and not staying in a resort {I’m really not a resort kinda gal}. A country with so much history and culture, it would be a great learning experience for my kiddo

8| Lapland

I know how much my littlest two would love this, and while the big two might be a little old for the magic of Father Christmas, I am sure even they would love a trip to Lapland.

9| New Zealand

After friends emigrated there a few years ago, I’ve had a yearning to visit. Lola would love to visit the Lord of the Rings filming locations, and it looks so much like Wales that it would be like being home while on holiday!

10| Amsterdam

Lola fell in love with the city whilst watching The Fault in Our Stars, and it’s long been somewhere I’d like to visit.  From Anne Franks house to canal boat rides, the city zoo to the Nemo Science Museum, it’s a great city for families to visit.

What do you have on your family travel bucket list?

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  1. Becky Brown

    March 5, 2018 at 12:24

    Morocco is top of my list I think for the same reason!! I read Hideous Kinky years ago and then watched the film! I also really want to go to Sweden and long distance, Japan and China. The kids are keen to travel too…better start saving.

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