Num Nom Inspired Pancakes


It’s no secret that my kiddos LOVE pancakes! They’re our usual Sunday morning treat breakfast. So when we were asked to come up with some Num Nom inspired pancakes this pancake day, I didn’t have to ask them twice!

They were super excited to open up our parcel of goodies – not only did we get sent a selection of Num Noms {including fun light up ring Num Noms!}, but everything we needed to create our own pancakes!

numnoms-pancakes numnom-lights

I left my little three playing with the Num Noms, looking at all the combinations you can get and coming up with some ideas for their pancakes, while I headed to the kitchen to cook up a big stack of pancakes.

Once they were all cooked, and with the table set with plenty of toppings {candyfloss, mini marshmallows, chocolate spread, sprinkles, syrup and chocolate chips}, I called everyone through to put together their creations.

Choco Sprinkles


Beastie’s creation – a stack of pancakes, with chocolate chips in between, chocolate spread on the top and sprinkles to finish it off!

Candyfloss Syrup


Kiki’s pancakes had chocolate spread, a drizzle of syrup and a topping of fluffy candyfloss!



Baya’s toppings of choice were chocolate spread and mini marshmallows. Yum!

pancake-table pancake-champion

What are your favourite Pancake Toppings?

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