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It might still be freezing cold and wet, but I’m beginning to get an urge to be able to get back out in my garden. I did sneak in a quick twenty minute tidy-up on Saturday {before my fingers turned to ice!}, with all the craziness of the end of last year, I didn’t really do any of the normal autumn garden jobs that need doing, so in all honesty, it’s a big mess right now.

I love spending time outdoors, and our garden is a fairly decent size that we can enjoy warm, summer days – the kids play, we have picnic lunches, BBQ dinners and lots of book-reading-in-the-sun time. I’ve been looking for some inspiration, Fishpools garden section have given me lots of ideas!


I’m planning on clearing out the border, which has a few mature shrubs in it so that we can grow a bit more edible produce. I’m thinking some fruit canes to add to the strawberry bed we already have, tomatoes and salad again, maybe some peas and then…? I need to do some research – it’s been a few years since we’ve really grown much and I’m itching to get back into it.

I’m hoping to get a day soon to clear out our sheds – two, both full of junk. I want to get rid of all the rubbish, and hopefully merge it all into one shed, so I can get rid of one and get my patio back! The dining set we have outdoors is ancient, and I’d love to replace it. I’ve fallen a little in love with these Rattan Dining sets – I think they look really nice, but also more comfortable than the plastic chairs we currently have!

I’m also thinking of adding lots of planters full of colourful flowers, some bunting, wind chimes, maybe some fairy lights – making a colourful, cosy little hideaway, where the kids and I can enjoy long, lazy summer days!

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  1. Kim Carberry

    February 13, 2017 at 11:31

    It looks like you have a fab garden. We only have a paved back yard. I would love to be able to grow things x

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