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Now that the sun is finally shining, our garden is where we spend 90% of our time. Through the summer months, it really does become an extension of our living room – we eat our meals out there, the kiddos play, we sit and chill in the evening and I start my day with a cup of coffee and birdsong. My garden is my little sanctuary, and was one of the things that sold this house to me last year. While it isn’t huge, it’s still a good sized space – we have a lawn and patio, room for our sheds, a trampoline, sand pit and playhouse. There is shade to sit under with a book on a sunny day, a bed full of bee-friendly flowers and enough room to dry all of our laundry.

We’ve had the same old garden furniture for the past 10 years, and we inherited this set from my brother when he emigrated. We’ve been thinking that it is about time that we upgraded, not least because there are now six of us and our set only has four chairs! I’ve been doing some online window shopping for inspiration, trying to figure out what furniture we should buy, as I’d like it to be something that will last us for a good few years.

I came across this great Garden Style Quiz that Furniture Village have put together – it’s aim is to help you identify what is the right type of furniture for your garden. It gets you to think about how you use your garden, as well as who will be using it. Take a look and see what style it suggests for you.


There was no surprise that the result I got on the quizz was ‘Family Garden’ – I love it’s suggestion of an extendable dining table, given that there are quite a few of us anyway when we have family visiting we suddenly have a lot of people to seat and always struggle for table space. I love entertaining, throwing impromptu BBQ’s, having the kids friends around to play and having garden picnics. With kids, practical is where it’s at – sturdy wooden furniture, storage for all of their toys, a gazebo or giant sunshade to protect them and a little garden bed where they can grow their own flowers.

The quiz has some great suggestions for the more green-fingered amongst you, and Furniture Village also have an amazing competition running where you could win a Monte Carlo Pod Chair worth £1,395!

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