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When I was little, I always dreamed of a house of my own. Of how I’d decorate it, and the furniture I’d choose. A favourite rainy day activity was to pour over my Mum’s catalogues and pick out furniture for every room of my dream house. When I finally grew up and got my first house, I had to let go of the wish to style it exactly as I pleased. As newly-weds, with little money and a baby on the way, we were lucky enough to be gifted most of what we needed by friends and family – lifesavers, but it meant that things weren’t necessarily what we would have chosen ourselves.

Over the years we have gradually swapped and upgraded as we’ve gone along, and when we moved home last year, we could finally purchase the items that had been on my wishlist for years. The one room I was most excited to re-do was our living room. We’re lucky enough to also have a den and a playroom, so the living room is my ‘grown up’ space. Somewhere to chill out in the evening, watch movies with the kids, put the Christmas tree up and find a pile of gifts waiting for us all on Christmas morning. It’s the room where memories are made – those excited smiles on Christmas morning, candles blown out on birthdays, it’s where my Beastie Boy stood up all on his own for the first time.

We wanted sofa’s that were big enough for all six of us, that looked stylish but were practical with four kids clambering all over them. Sofa’s that would last us for years, and were classic as opposed to trendy. After spending hours {literally} pouring over different sofa’s, we finally went with the ones I’d always wanted – gorgeous brown, leather sofas. They’ve proven to be the perfect choice. They’re comfortable to sit {or lie} on, we can get plenty of bums on them at a time, and any sticky spills can easily be cleaned off. For me, I love bright white walls and neutral coloured furniture which give the perfect background for adding pops of colour. It’s easier to change soft furnishings than walls or furniture.

If you’re thinking about a new sofa, here are some things to consider…

1| Who’ll be using it – do you have pets or children? Think about how easy the fabric is to clean. Accidents happen, drinks get spilt, chocolately fingers get wiped on the sofa when they think Mum isn’t looking. I’ve found leather sofa’s SO much easier with small children than oru old fabric ones. Even removable covers are still a faff to get on and off, clean and dry every time someone makes a mess.

3| What will you use it for? Sitting on I know – but will it be an occasional sofa, or will it be the heart of your home? DO you want something big enough to lie back on and watch a movie, space to snuggle with all your kiddos at once?

2| What’s your style? – if the rest of your house is furnished in a modern style, then a classic sofa may not go well. Choose a style that blends with other items you use. A sofa is a big investment, so take your time to choose one that you’ll love. My favourite is these Chester leather sofa’s – I love the simple, classic style and know that it won’t date quickly.

3| Think colour – as I mentioned above, I tend to go for neutral colours as they’ll not go out of style quickly, and I won’t fall out of love with them. If you opt for a bright yellow sofa, then next year prefer red you might be stuck – choose a colour that will last and add pops of colour with accessories.

4| Style it up – this is my favourite part! I love adding gorgeous throws and funky cushions. They can totally change the whole look of a room, and a great and inexpensive way of updating the look with a new season. I love colourful wool throws, perfect for snuggling under on movie night, or covering a sick kiddos with, and add some pops of colour with vibrant cushions – they’re great for doubling up as extra seating if you have guests around too!

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