I just got two fab books for my birthday that I can’t wait to dive into – Drew Barrymore’s Wildflower and Katie Daisy’s ‘How to be a Wildflower’ {must be something about Wildflowers right now!} I’ve been wanting to read the Drew Barrymore one for a while, and I follow Katie on IG and her feed is so beautiful as is her illustrations – the book is simply gorgeous. I’ve a few samples of books on my kindle that I’ve downloaded too – a Brene Brown one as well as a few other self-improvement/personal motivational type books. Would love any recommendations if you have read anything life changing!


Spring cleaning! I’ve literally just finished in the middle two’s bedroom. It was a big mess – two bin bags of rubbish later and several bags to go to the charity shop and we can see the floor again! I’ve been working my way through the house, having one big last declutter session. It feels good to let go, my house feels so much lighter with less ‘clutter’ around, and so does my mind. I’ve found that my taste has really changed in the past couple of years, and also I feel like we’ve gotten weighed down in ‘things’ – it’s time to let go that materialistic streak and remember that we don’t need to own everything we see ;)


Whilst decluttering, it’s allowed me to see if there are things that we actually need to purchase. The middle two girls are in need of cabin beds, and I’m planning on buying those in a month or so – which means we can get rid of most of their current furniture. There are a still a few things I need{want} for the house. I’ve started keeping a list, so I can buy them slowly as I have a little spare cash. I was lucky enough to get some pennies for my birthday, so am treating myself to some new clothes {after my huge declutter} I just bought another Breton top and a dungaree dress! My G needs some clothes too – he’s not one for buying new stuff, and indeed, many of his t-shirts are older than our marriage ha! I just came across Rokit which has some great pieces that I think he may like. He’s even fussier than me {if that’s possoble} and hates buying new clothes. But I think some of these may just change his mind!!


Too much cake!! It’s been a week of birthdays – Baya’s, G’s Mum’s, mine and then Baya’s party yesterday. Add in Easter in the middle of all of that and I think I’ve eaten nothing but cake and chocolate for a week. It’s time to sort out my diet – I’m eating too much crap – mainly because I’m tired, I reach for the sugary foods for that quick fix, but then I feel worse, so I eat some more… and it’s a vicious circle. I’m hoping the warmer weather helps – it’s always easier to eat salad when it’s not freezing cold. I’m planning a session with some of my favourite cookbooks, getting some fresh ideas for meals and snacks. less cake, less bread and more fruit and veg is my plan.


About life… and what I want from it. I’m feeling a little stuck. I’m tired, life was a bit shit this past weekend, and I feel like it’s time to do some delving deep, figuring out what I want, where I’m going and how I’m going to get there. In all honestly, I’m feeling a little overwhelmed by everything right now, I think a holiday would help massively! Some time out of the daily routine so I can clear my mind enough to think. I think it’s good sometimes to step back and assess if what you’re doing/how you’re living is still working out for you, and not just for me but if it’s right for all six of us. It’s easy to just carry on as you are doing, but things change, and what worked once, doesn’t necessarily work forever. This past year since Vega was born has been non-stop. I took no maternity leave, and while I’m lucky enough to work from home ,that still meant I worked from right up to him being born and then pretty much straight after. Add in a house move, as well as general life, homeschooling…. and you have a perfect recipe for a stressed out, exhausted Mama. I also feel like this year has changed me , I’m a stronger, more confident woman than I was before, and I feel like now is the time to make some changes.

And can I just say – how the FLIP is it April tomorrow??? really – this year is flying by, I think someone hit the superspeed button on 2016!!!! What have you been doing this week??


  1. Thea

    April 1, 2016 at 09:16

    It sounds like you’ve had an intense week! It’s tough when life feels so stale but good to be Spring cleaning/decluttering, it always seems to help me. I’m in a permanent process of downsizing too and it really helps me shake some of that “what am I doing??” feeling. I keep forgetting I’m not 23 anymore and have that brief moment of panic trying to grasp where the last 5 years have gone! Summer always perks things up though!

    I like your book choices too! I’ve never read a biography but the synopsis for Drew’s actually sounds really intriguing and I couldn’t recommend Brene Brown more! I’ve been following her research for a few years now and she’s really insightful. Her works on vulnerability and empathy are especially great.

    Hope things perk up for you with the coming sunshine!

    1. polly

      April 1, 2016 at 10:02

      Thanks Thea! Summer always helps doesn’t it?! Sunshine always makes me feel a bit better – just bought a Brene Brown book – excited to delve in xx

  2. Louise

    April 5, 2016 at 20:40

    I honestly don’t know how you manage it, I have a 4 yr old and 1 yr old and struggle at home doing day to day things, I applaud you! You manage to work from home plus home school. I hope you get the space you need to find clarity and new direction.
    I really need to spring clean, I feel claustrophobic at the moment with clutter, short tempered and frazzled. I have two demanding children at the moment, an ever- demanding boss but am setting up my own little business , so hoping I can build that up to improve my home and personal life. All the best x

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