The heart of the home

kitchen lilly loray

Our kitchen/diner really is the heart of our home. Since we moved in, we’ve really been enjoying having one central ‘hub’ where things all happen… our old kitchen was tiny and quite sperate from the rest o the house. This meant if I was cooking I was somewhat isolated, and just didn’t work well for our life. Now daily life seems to center on this room. With a big table, the girls have space to sit and work, or craft, or read. The baby can sit in his highchair {or more usually these days} empty the cupboards whilst we’re busy. I can cook lunch while overseeing some Maths, or feed the baby and listen to one of the girls reading.

It’s made such a big difference to family life, and we’re lucky that it’s a lovely big, light room. There is a huge window over the sink, with some original coloured glass panels still intact. With white walls, white units and white subway tiles, it feels light and airy but sometimes can feel a little cold.

polly in the kitchen

I’ve added some prints to the wall, a huge chalkboard calendar, some hanging plants, fairy lights and G put me up some shelves for a few cookbooks. These have all helped to make the room feel a little more cosy and more lived in.

tenstickers review

I recently came across Lilly Loray linens, a range of retro prints on tea-towels, aprons, oven gloves and even cushions. Made from 100% organic and unbleached cotton, they are the perfect way to bring a touch of design and colour to the heart of your home. They have provided the perfect pop of colour to a white room. Lilly Loray also have some gorgeous furniture, and I’m totally crushing on this crate.

lily loray linens

When the sun is shining through those windows, the radio playing and I can hear my kiddos playing, it really is one of my favourite places to be. It’s where memories are being made – memories of ordinary moments, but aren’t those some of the most precious memories there are?


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