Weather. Whatever – a winters day out

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I mentioned in my homeschool post on Monday that we’d taken a couple of trips out last week. We used to get out all the time, and somehow that’s changed… babies/moving house/too much work.. but anyway, last week everyone was in a bit of a funk, too many arguments and too much stress. I decided the best thing was to get out of the house – break up the routine and give us a change of scenery. I’d hoped to go out in the countryside but the weather was awful. So windy Baya was nearly being blown off her feet, so we scrapped that idea.

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Instead, I bundled us all up and we headed over the border to Chester. It’s a lovely city, reminds me a little of Lincoln where I grew up. The girls love it there – there are som fab shops {Paperchase, natch!} as well as a Cathedral and Museum, amphitheatre, roman walls to walk along and a great park. We ended up spending Wednesday and Friday there. Thankfully it wasn’t quite so windy in Chester, though it was still really cold. I used to be terrible for not having the right clothes on, I hate being cold and always used to have impractical shoes or not a warm enough coat. I’ve gotten much better at that now though – I’m a total grump when I’m too cold.

The kiddos don’t seem to feel the cold as much as me {must be a sign of my age!]}, so I forever seem to be that nagging Mama saying ‘just put your coat on’ or ‘are you sure you’re not cold?!’. I always have a job making them put enough layers on in a morning, and a coat??! That would be crazy….! Thankfully, the big three have just had some gorgeous new layers from Fat Face – the funkiest hoodies and sweaters I have ever seen! That blue fleece Kiki has is her new favourite thing, I literally don’t think she’s taken it off since it arrived. I am a little jealous at how cosy it looks, and Baya’s gillet is really toasty. I have a few Fat Face items in my wardrobe and definitely need more, they’re always such lovely designs and great quality too. I wish they went up to my size….

The fresh air certainly blew a few cobwebs away, and I think it did us all good. You know what they say… a change is as good as a rest!

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