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While we have five bedrooms in this house, one is downstairs at the far end of the house, so we wanted to keep everyone sleeping upstairs together, for now at least. It means that Kiki and Baya share a bedroom – they did in the old house too. Before we moved they had bunkbeds, though both were sleeping together in the top bunk! So when we moved, and we had a new king size bed, we gave them our old one to share. It’s kinda cute finding them snuggled together in the morning!

Kiki would love her own room, or at least her own bed now though, so we’ve started looking at options for making their own space within the room they share. We gave them the master bedroom when we moved, as it made sense for them to have the most space as there would be two in one room. This gives us plenty of scope as to what we do with the room. I’m toying with the idea of putting in some kind of temporary wall – either a partition wall, or even just using some screens to section the room in two. I kinda like this idea in that it gives them both a ‘room’ of their own, that they can decorate how they like and have a little privacy and personal space. The only problem I can see is that the room only has one window that’s right in the middle of the wall which might make dividing the room tricky, as I wouldn’t want to block off any natural light coming in or leave one side without a window.

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Furniture wise, we’re planning on getting new beds fairly soon {esp as Kiki has slept on a cot bed mattress on the floor the past couple of nights!!} I was looking at getting them two single bed frames, and keeping their existing wardrobes and bookshelves. Another option we’re contemplating is to ditch all their furniture and buy them each a high sleeper bed. I’ve been looking at some wooden ones that have wardrobes, desks and drawers all underneath. I like that idea best I think as it would leave them a lot more floor space, as right now their room seems pretty cluttered from all the furniture and toys in there.

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I did see some fab campervan style beds a while back – I thought they could be great as the girls would have a little pod each within their room! The good thing is that we have a den too, so while they have to share, if one or the other has friends round we have a sleepover/hang out space they can use away from the shared room {also means they don’t disturbe the baby at night with giggling!}. I think the girls are pushing for cabin beds… not sure yet if we’ll be buying them or having Papa build our own.

Do you have children sharing a bedroom? What is their set-up like?

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  1. When I was a kid I had a small bedroom for a while and my dad built me the most AMAZING high bed with desk underneath – I loved it! Reminded me of the first photo above :)X

  2. We’ve got two girls sharing a room. Jenny sleeps in the bottom bed of the bunk beds. Eve sleeps in a cot bed. Their brother, Jack, sleeps in the top bunk when he comes over (weekly).

    The curtain over the lower bunk is a great idea. I’ll be copying that!

  3. I love that they sleep together! I used to love sharing a room with my siblings (firstly my brother then when he got too old my little sister) I didn’t really feel the need for my own space until I was a teen x

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