Ten Career Options for Mums


No matter if you are a young mum being ready to return to work as a maternity leave winds down, or you are a stay-at-home mum having lots of creative juices to let flow, plus having a desire to earn some cash for college funds of your children, flexibility is the main thing for you to look for. You can easily find a job that will let you fit in all the PTA fundraising, football games and pediatrician if you know where to look for it. Here are ten careers as the example of jobs with rotating schedule, for the case when your kids are at school already, or if you are a night owl and other options that you can choose as a mummy.

  1. A Nurse

The nursing profession is one of the best choices for mums, as they are perfect nurturers for their children, and thus can be for anyone else. As nursing hours can be done in longer shifts, you, as a mum, can get more than traditional two days off per week. Some prefer choosing the night shifts so that they are already home by the time their children should go to school. Keep in mind that in such case you would cut on sleeping hours, so be warned of such inconvenience. Less than two years of education and you will be able to wear a nurse’s uniform.

  1. Dental Hygienist

Young mummies reading this article may smile here, as they probably already feel themselves dental hygienists with all the battles and tooth fairies they have at home, but to get a job you will at least have to get a certificate. Part-time hours and great earning potential makes the career of dental hygienist a good choice.

  1. Teacher

What can be better for a mum of school children than synchronizing with their schedule? For working as a teacher, both in public or private school, you will be required to have a certain level of knowledge, degree and certification, and these usually vary from state to state. Even if you don’t have a specific degree, you still can enter the profession in terms of various programs.

  1. Librarian

As well as teachers, school librarians work according to the calendar of the school, which makes the job perfect for mums of school-aged children. The earnings potential is high, especially for those obtaining a degree in library science. The great bonus of the job is that you have an access to all the homework materials that your children may need.

  1. Web Designer

The Internet is the best thing that could even happen to a working mum, as long as you can log in and work wherever and whenever you can. Mums who have a bachelor’s degree in graphic design or any related skills can enter the field of Web design both as a freelancer or a salaried employee if you find an employer that would let your work from home and be ok with your main profession – Mum.

  1. Technical Writer

Young mums of children of any age are usually good with explaining things to their kids and answering some tough questions that they can come up with. This is a good practice for those who want to become technical writers, as this usually means breaking complex technical concepts into small and user-friendly terms. The degree of a bachelor plus good writing skills and technical knowledge is basically all you have to have in order to start working. People having all these skills are paid well, plus you will be allowed to finish all the projects according to your own schedule.

  1. Computer Programmer

And again, god bless technologies and the opportunities it provides. Most computer programmers work remotely of from home, and if you have degree, or, at least, a certificate in computers can be enough reason for starting a search of opportunities in the field.

  1. Medical Billing and Coding Specialist

If you are looking for a way to earn some cash without having to leave home, medical billing and coding is a mummy-friendly job that can be easily done while your kid is busy with toys, or sleeping, which is much better. The training programs for the job are usually pretty short, so you can get to work fast and earn up good money.

  1. Public Relations Consultant

The public relations field requires little face time, and a lot of social networking. For PR-savvy mums it is a great way to sit at home with their kids, and at the same time build successful campaigns for their clients, and get a good check. A bachelor degree in public relations, communication or a related field would be enough to stand out of the mass applying for a job.

  1. Doula

If the sight of tiny feet makes you swoon, put your motherly instincts to professional use by becoming a doula. Doulas provide non-medical assistance and support to women through their childbirth and postpartum experiences, meaning the joys of motherhood are part of the job description.

Surely, mums are in now way limited by these professions. If you are determined – the sky is the limit for you. Look what job offers there are on the market and go for it. There are many great classifieds websites in United Kingdom where you can search through some offered career paths for you. Good luck!

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