Three Good Things


Monday Monday…. Are you happy to see a new week? There was a time I’d groan when I’d wake up and realise it was Monday morning already. Now though, I smile – for it’s a whole fresh new week to fill with goodness, memory making and adventures! Happiness is a choice – sometimes it takes a lot of hard work to be happy, to look for the good things, but they are always there, even when we forget about them… so here are my three good things from last week:

1| Kindness of online friends ~ sometimes things happen just when you need them most – like online friends reaching out on a day you’re feeling a little ‘meh’ and then sending you THE most amazing gifts.

2| Sick Days ~ while being sick itself wasn’t that good {ha!}, I’m so grateful that when I am ill, I can just call a sick day. Perks of being self-employed/homeschooling – no work to go to, no school run to do. I spent the day on the sofa, with a book and a green smoothie, listening to the kids playing.

3| My kiddos ~ sometimes I forget just how lucky I got with my kiddos…. last week for Valentines Day, Kiki ordered me a vegan treat bag with her own money. It was totally unexpected and the sweetest gesture. What a lucky Mama I am ♥♥

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