Welcome to the family little chucks!

Almost 10 years after we first got chickens {and 7 years since we said goodbye to them} – we’ve got chickens again!!

I am SO excited – I’ve been wanting chickens again for ages. We rehomed our chickens when we moved into this house, as they used to have the run of the ‘woods’ at the bottom of our garden, and I didn’t want to have to fence them in.

After pondering for way too long, I took the plunge and two weeks later here we are! I spent a day last week building a coop and fencing off a good size area of our garden for them. I didn’t want them to have a tiny run, so they have a fairly good size section that’s fully covered but I can walk into.

We’ve three beautiful bantams – Sarah, Mary and Winifred as well as four gorgeous rescue hens – Nugget, Egg, Spider Ham and Hunky Dory {Baya named the Bantams – the other four named the rescues – can you guess who named who?!}

The girls are excited to have hens again, and the boys have been loving collecting eggs every morning! Our cats are intrigued – except Olaf who still has a hole in his ear from where he got pecked last time we had hens! He has avoided them.

We’re so happy to have these chickens, especially being able to offer the rescue hens a happy life. Nothing beats eggs from your own chickens either.

The only downside is it has reignited my desire to be self-sufficient. To have land, grow my own veg, have more animals and step away from this rat race.

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