Bridesmaids Duties: What Every Bridesmaid Should Know

The thrill you might feel is unimaginable if you were a bridesmaid for the first time. However, you should take it seriously and know that being part of the wedding is an honor. You should also know that the bride is the center of attention of the day. Therefore, you should not do anything that will take that away. The bride loves you, which is why she wants you beside her on her big day. The following are things you should know as a bridesmaid. They will help you execute your role well if you know your expectations. Check them out.

You Decide What to Gift the Bride

Taking part in the wedding is everything the couple should be grateful for. The bride understands that you have used your money to pay for various things like the bachelorette party. You also have to spare your time, especially on the big day and during the wedding, to help her. So, they will appreciate your being part of the day a lot. Buying her a gift is not compulsory. However, it can be a good way to remind her of you and the beautiful day. Therefore, go for something you can afford to give her. In most cases, the bridesmaids contribute their money and buy a single gift for the bride. You can agree, but make sure you also spare a gift for her bridal shower.

The Bride Will Make Most Choices

The bride will come up with ideas of how she wants her wedding to be. Your work will help her implement these ideas, not disagree with her. Remember, the bride will dictate how she wants her bridesmaids to wear and the kind of hairstyle they should wear. However, she will allow everyone on the team to share their opinions. Nonetheless, she should be at the center of every decision. So agree with what she wants even if that is not your favorite thing. Since there are many things to work on, she might not have time to consider everyone’s personal preferences. On the other hand, since all of you are friends, it will be easy to come up with something that suits everyone.

There will be Items You will Need to Purchase

When you are chosen as a bridesmaid, there will be several expenses you will have to cover. The bride will decide on her outfit, makeup, and hair. However, the bridesmaids sometimes cover the cost of the bridal shower and you will require a bridesmaid dress for the big day that has been agreed upon by the whole bridal party. There are many bridesmaid dresses you can choose from, and most are not even expensive. If you have financial constraints, discussing this with the bride will be a good idea. She will consider you when making her choice.

Be Present at All Crucial Wedding Events

There will be various events before and after the wedding. Therefore, you must be present in all of them as part of the bride’s team. Such events include a bachelorette party, bridal shower, rehearsal dinner, choosing the wedding gown, etc. make sure you are committed once you agree to be a bridesmaid. Work with the other girls towards the success of the wedding by participating in these events, unless you live far away. Having her friends around during this stressful period will keep her happy and make everything exciting. The bride will appreciate your commitment.  

You Will Be Part of Planning the Bridal Shower

Bachelorette parties and bridal showers are common before the wedding. The bridesmaids work together to plan for them to give their friend a great time before her wedding. So, being part of the planning will be a good thing. Work on various things like food, activities, arrangements, or décor. You should be part of it to make the party a success. Discuss the ideal date, venue, and activities for the party with the other bridesmaids. Make sure you are all comfortable with the budget since the bridesmaids are responsible for funding the bachelorette and bridal parties.

You Must Follow the Bride’s Instructions

The bride and her maid of honor will delegate responsibilities. Follow them without questioning. If they say you should walk down the aisle in a specific way, do it. Hold the bouquet the way they want, and don’t question. If the bride needs help holding her dress in the washroom or touching up makeup, be there to help.


Being a bridesmaid is an honor and something you should appreciate. Make her day by doing everything that is required of you. Don’t just show up on the morning of the wedding day. Be there and stay supportive throughout the process. She will appreciate your effort.

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