Welcoming in 2022 and my guiding word

Happy New Year! I’m feeling so grateful to be welcoming in another New Year. Over the chaos of our Yule time celebrations, I managed to carve out a little time for myself to say goodbye to 2021, and to set some intentions for the coming year.

Last year, personally, was a good one. There were testing moments, disappointments, lessons learned. ON the whole, though, I feel as though I have flourished so much {FLOURISH was my guiding word last year}. I pushed myself, really started living my whole truth and felt as though I’d finally come home.

This years word popped into my head in that liminal space between Yule and Christmas. I was just pottering around the house, thinking about this and that and the other and ping! THere it was. Straight away I knew it was the right one for me……



1. become or make larger or more extensive

Life feels as though it has been small for such a long time. Stuck around the same things/places, day in, day out. i want to welcome in more, make life larger, more expansive. Invite in more laughter, more love, more adventures. Take up more space, broaden my horizons, spread my wings.

Open up and see what happens.

I’m so excited for this year, I have so many goals and dreams in the pipeline, there are big changes coming and finally, finally I am ready and willing. No longer fearing change but instead inviting it in with open arms.

Do you choose a word for the year? If you haven’t before, here is a little guide I made a few years ago to help.

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