15 Snacks to Improve Productivity

Lately, I’ve found we’ve fallen into the trap of boring sandwiches for lunch. While I don’t have pack-ups to make every day, I still have four kids to feed each lunch time, and it always ends up being a rush to rustle up a tasty, delicious [and quick] meal. I’ve really noticed the difference a good lunch makes – eat the right foods and we’re full of energy and ready for a busy afternoon, eat the wrong foods and that mid-afternoon slump hits and we waste the afternoon. As I usually work between 1-3pm most days, this is really essential for me, as otherwise I spend two hours sat at my desk not really doing very much of anything!

I’ve been brainstorming good lunch ideas – salads with some secret superfoods in them, healthier alternatives to crisps and some great snack ideas for mid-afternoon. GoToMeeting have shared this great infographic of 15 snacks to boost energy & productivity – some of these are already on my list, and the rest I’ll be adding shortly!

15 Snacks to Boost Energy and Productivity_au15 Snacks to Boost Energy and Productivity_au15 Snacks to Boost Energy and Productivity_au

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