Composting – a beginners guide

As I’ve mentioned before, we didn’t really touch our new garden last year when we moved in, we focused on the house. So this spring, I’ve been trying to sort it out. We’ve already rebuilt one brick bed and filled it with compost – it’s now home to several strawberry plants! We have a flower bed along one edge of the garden which really could do with digging out and having new compost added.

As much as I love gardening, truthfully, I haven’t really got much clue. I tend to just make it up as I go along and then hope for the best. Adding compost to your garden gives the soil some essential extras that help to ensure your plant are healthy and strong. I spent hours pouring over a garden website trying to figure out which to order when I filled the strawberry patch. Ecoscape have put together this simple guide to composting infographic which breaks down all the different types of compost you can get. It also shows just what is used to make each different type of compost and which compost should be used different plants/gardening jobs.

composting_Infographic (1)

I’ll admit in the past I’ve tended to just buy the cheap bags of compost from the supermarket, never really stopping and thinking about the fact that I should be buying certain types for certain jobs. I’ve made myself a little list of compost I need for the plants I’m hoping to grow this year – it’ll be interesting to see how much of a difference having the right type of compost makes!

post in collaboration with Ecoscape. All words/opinions my own

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