Tips for making your garden eco-friendly

eco-friendly gardening tips

We’ve been working on our Live Lagom project for a few months now, and I’m finding it make me think even more about the way in which we live, outside of the areas that we decided we really wanted to focus on. We only moved into this house ten months ago, and haven’t really done too much to the garden yet. Our old garden was around twice the size, and we tried to be as eco-friendly as possible.

It wasn’t a manicured lawn – think more overgrown woods. But we loved it. The bottom half of our garden we left ‘natural’, there were a lot of trees, plants, bushes and of course our chickens running free. We had a small vegetable patch and I planted lots of flowers to attract the wildlife into our garden. The chickens ate the slugs and snails for me so I didn’t need to use chemicals to control them and stop them eating my veggies, and we had a compost bin for any leftovers that the chickens didn’t eat.

I’ve been think of what to do in our new garden – we do have a hedgehog home already {I’ve yet to spy the hedgehog although my husband has seen him snuffling around at night}. If you are looking for some hints to get you started on a more eco-friendly way of gardening, this infographic from ecoscape composite decking has some great ideas to help you on your way.

Make your garden eco-friendly Ecoscape

As with so much of our Live Lagom project – we’ve found that small changes make the biggest difference. These gardening ideas are all fairly easy and straightforward to implement, but put together they can really imporve the way that you garden. Some of them will also help you save money – bonus!

Do you have any tips for making your garden eco-friendly?

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