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I thought I’d write a quick little roundup post today, sometimes it’s nice just to waffle on about the boring day to day stuff for five minutes! I kinda can’t believe we’re into the second week of March already. I suddenly realised how close it is to both Baya and my birthdays…eeep! She’s very excited about turning 7 {I’m a little less excited about turning 35!}. I spent yesterday morning arranging a party for her, we’ve someone coming in to run a ‘Pamper Party’ for her and a few friends. We’ve a busy couple of weeks ahead with birthdays, easter and G’s folks visiting.

I’ve a pile of work to be tackling over the next few days, a tonne of social type things arranged and an itch to get out in the garden! Here’s a quick look back at the last week or so..

I’ve been wearing this gorgeous blue/turquoise necklace pretty much every day. It’s actually a silicone teething necklace, but I think it looks great even if you don’t have a teething baby! Vega has loved playing with it when he’s nursing – saves him bashing me or pulling my hair {well, mostly}. It’s from an online shop called LaLaBeads, and they have a great range of stylish necklaces – you should def check them out if you have a little one.

I’ve been trying to find a little quiet time each day. Well, I say quiet, but there is no such thing in my house, but finding five minutes to sit with a coffee and a magazine in the afternoon is a real treat. Sometimes those five minutes are just the key to recharging my batteries and keeping me sane!

The littlest two kiddos enjoyed our very first garen picnic of the year! Truthfully, it was a little chilly, but the sun was shining and it felt so good to get outdoors and blow a few cobwebs away. Vega really loves going in the garden – he especially loves going to visit our Guinea Pig! I’m looking forward to the summer, those long days in the garen, and being able to have the doors and windows flung wide open. Oh – and also to the kiddos having many, many more garden picnics – at least they mean no crumbs on my floor to clean up after!

I’ve been religiously meal planning again for the past few months, but have been feeling a little lacking in inspiration for our evening meals. I’ve been trawling back through cookbooks , old and new and putting together some different ideas. It’s hard as Baya won’t eat what we eat at all, def need to mix it up a little – some weeks it feels like we eat the same meal over and over. What are your go-to dinner dishes?

The kiddos treated me on Mothers Day… there were cards and flowers, candles and chocolates, and even a grown up colouring book. Oh and even bacon and pancakes for breakfast! Mr Vega still loves to nurse, and I’m not complaining. I love those cuddles in the middle of a busy day – not quite so keen on the hair pulling though.

Miss Kiki was VERY excited to actually have a half birthday this year. We always celebrate the kiddos half birthdays {any excuse for cake, right?!} but hers falls on February 29th – so we have to celebrate a day early or late. So as it was a leap year she got to celebrate on the day for once! I was excited to see my face peeping out from the new issue of Gurgle magazine! Talking toys and what we love – it’s a lovely baby magazine, worth a read if you’ve little ones.

Whatever Kiki and Baya are doing, Vega wants to do to. So cute. Here he was joining in their afternoon craft session. Though I think he got more felt pen on his face than on his easter egg. Ooops! He really does love his sisters so much and they’re great with him mostly too.

Last weekend I made a my first Weekend Vlog, I actually really enjoyed making it and am thinking it may be something I do again. I love having a nosy into people’s lifes, so it’s the sort of video I’d watch – hope you enjoy watching it too!



  1. March 10, 2016 / 14:48

    I loved watching your video! I feel like I know a lot about you, but I’d never even heard your voice until then! Well done – it was ace :-)

    • March 11, 2016 / 15:38

      Thanks Jo! Funny how you can really know someone online but never hear there voice isn’t it?!

  2. March 11, 2016 / 11:48

    I loved your vlog too! Elfie is next to me and she is v complimentary about the music ;) Looks like you had a fab weekend xx

  3. March 21, 2016 / 22:46

    The necklace is such a good idea…Elsie loves pulling my locks at the moment so I’d love one of those to distract her with instead! I think I need to make some ‘quiet time’ for me each day too…think it will give me a little recharge in time for cranky o’clock! Also love the idea of half birthdays…is it too late to start celebrating these now? x

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