Christmas, New year and a birthday

Christmas came and went in a blur of fun, family, laughter and food. We celebrated with our nearest and dearest and had a very merry time. The house was full to the brim with new gifts and games. We hosted family and friends, ate so much food, played lots of games, laughed, danced and made memories.

I love this time of year – not least because I get to have all the kiddos home together, something that doesn’t happen that much these days.

We celebrated Beastie’s 9th birthday {how is he 9 already, I’m sure he was only just born!}. We celebrated even more, with more gifts, more food, cake and a trip to the fair!

I love the space between Christmas and New Year, it feels a little though time has stilled and we can just be. This week is a slow-ish week for us. Not too many groups and real-life commitments to call us to action.

I took the girls for a shopping trip to Liverpool, and have been spending some time preparing. Organising my wardrobe, decluttering, creating a new vision board, and lots of journaling time. It feels good to be able to do some of the things I want whilst we have some slower days.

I’ve big plans for this year, yet it’s still a time of hibernation for me. January is not a time to launch into goals, it’s a time to rest, to dream, to plan, and to nurture all those little seeds ready for growth in the spring time.

I’ll be sharing more on here about my goals and intentions for the year in the coming weeks.

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