The benefits of getting a canvas print in your home

When you think about photography and displaying modern art pieces or treasured personal memories, do you still think of large glass frames, huge maintenance costs, and limited sizing options? 

If so, it’s time for you to look into how the innovative methods of canvas prints have propelled decorating and displaying into a brand new world of creativity, convenience, colour, and cost-effectiveness! 

Are you looking to immortalise a memorable image or a work of art that’s personal to you? Here are some of the main benefits of choosing a canvas print to get the job done in style. 

It’s a cost-effective form of art 

Having an image sized up, mounted, cleaned, and properly framed can make your costs add up considerably in a short period of time. And while a good quality canvas will of course cost you some money, it’s nothing compared to the added costs that come with a professional framing service. 

Canvas prints provide great quality 

Companies like Custtom are passionate about providing people with the best quality canvas prints that modern technology will allow. And with their flawless image wrapping techniques, you’ll be astonished at how intricate, inviting, and colourful your canvas images can be. 

No more glare from the world outside 

A common problem with glass framed work is that it’s always catching the sun’s glare when it gets displayed on walls, offices, and galleries. But with canvas wraps, you don’t need to have glass over it, which means the sun doesn’t reflect poorly onto it like it would with a glass frame. 

A more personal approach to home art

There’s something inviting and warm about a canvas that other art display methods cannot achieve. Perhaps that’s due to the fact that so many of us use canvas prints to immortalise a family pet, a loved one, or a unique piece of our own creativity. 

Unlike some art decor, which can serve to make a room seem colder and less inviting, canvas prints provide you with an inviting style that’s perfect for a happy home. 

Unlimited sizing options 

With older, more traditional methods of displaying images and photograph prints, you run the risk of distorting the image when transferred into different sizes or having to invest in heavy, difficult-to-manage frames to display them properly. 

However, a canvas print is created to actually fit perfectly, as it is wrapped around the frame itself. They’re also far lighter and easier to manoeuvre than standard frames. And with different sizing options and styles to display images, you’re always able to accommodate the space the canvas will be displayed on. 

A long-lasting print for generations to come 

Unlike glass frames and other styles of decorative art, a print canvas is a longer-lasting version of what truly makes modern art or captured moments on film or cameras so beautiful. 

It can last for generations, and be enjoyed by future family members too! It also gives you more peace of mind that you’re never too far away from the hearts of those who love you most. 

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