Creating a cosy bedroom space for Autumn

We may be in the midst of summer, but already I can see signs of Autumn creeping in. The leaves are beginning to change, the nights drawing in slightly already, and while it’s warm and sunny right now, those chilly Autumn days are just around the corner.

We’ve been spending a little time this past week reorganising and redecorating the bedrooms. The kids bedrooms have all been sorted, tidied, fresh coats of paint and moved around. With that done, I have been considering giving my room a bit of a ‘re-do’.

My room is my little haven in the house. A space where I can chill before bed, where it is calm and free from the chaos of the rest of the house! A grown-up space that is just for me, amidst a family home. I like fresh white walls that I can than accessories with pops of colour. This also makes it easy to update the look for the seasons/when I feel the urge for a change.

I love throws, pillows, candles, photographs and art work, things that make the space feel like ‘me’. Autumn days make me yearn for curling up in my duvet, watching the leaves falling out of the window, with a good book in hand. Adding pops of warm colour in the room to make it feel cosier. If you’re thinking about an Autumn refresh, here a few things to consider;

Colour Scheme

Autumn is a time for warm, rich tones that add warmth to a room as the days are getting cooler outside. Think Dark Blue, Mustard, Gold and rich Greens. Think about keeping the walls in a pale, neutral colour so that you can add colour through soft furnishings. If you feel the urge, you could have a feature wall to add a focus.

Think about bringing colour in through cushions, throws and rugs. These are all easily changed when you are ready to update but can have a huge impact on the feel of a room. They also make the space more cosy and inviting. Think oversized fluffy throws on the end of the bed, and some soft, feather-filled pillows by the bed head, inviting you to curl up and rest.


The furniture you choose can have a huge impact on the feel of the room. Metal beds are colder and more modern feeling than a wooden bed frame. Take careful thought when looking at beds – think about the look you like, as well as size – always go for the biggest that you can, you’ll never regret the extra space to spread out at night! If you are looking for extra storage space, then a divan bed can give you that with drawers in the base. Bedstar are a fantastic place to look for new beds from – they not only have a huge range of styles of bed but they also offer next day delivery 7 days a week!!

If you have the space, you could add a cosy armchair near a window for the perfect Autumn reading spot. A mirror on the wall opposite the window brings more light into the room.


Accesories really do add the finishing touches to a room. Think cosy area rugs, fairy lights, art work for the walls, bedside lamps, candles and photo frames. These are another good way to show off your Autum colour scheme, and can make the room really feel like ‘you’. Look for vases in autumnal colours to fill with dried flowers, colourful photo frames to fill with pictures of loved ones, warm fairy lights to twinkle around the bedhead, and a warm rug to lay beside the bed.

Consider the size of the room

The size of the room is an important part of decorating. Everything form the colours you use to the furniture you have can affect how the room feels. For a small room, use furnishings such as a simple bed frame, with no headboard, white paint and bright lights to open up the space. A larger room can take colours, vibrant art work and larger furniture. In a small room, the bed will be the focal point, so choose something eye-catching and pile it with colourful throws and pillows.

Creating a bedroom that you truly love can take time, but the end results are worth it. Our rooms should feel warm and inviting, and be a pleasant place to spend time – not just a space to collapse in bed with and sleep. Make your bedroom a place you don’t want to leave, a place you look forward to spending time in and is a relaxing haven for you.

What are your top tips for creating a cosy master bedroom?

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