Summer Days

We’ve been enjoyed every single day of nice weather this summer. Having the car has given us so much freedom, and we’ve been soaking it up! It feels so good to just be able to go where we like, when we like. After a lifetime of having to get the bus, rely on lifts or just miss out – this summer is about days out!

We’ve been to the beach, the river, lakes and countryside. Camping trips, days out, evenings with friends…. It’s mainly me and the three littlest ones. The bigger two are busy working and out with their friends for the most part. I finally feel like we can do all the things that we’ve been missing out on for so long.

Oren is having the best summer ever, big enough to join in with what the big kids are doing most of the time, he’s loving being in the water all the time and looking for fish! We’re thinking of buying a paddleboard for even more summer fun! I just with the summer were longer, it’s almost August already, time is flying past way too fast!

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