Winter Home Makeover ~ creating a cosy space


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The temperature has really dropped here this past week, though it’s been the kind of late Autumn days that I love – clear and crisp, blue skies, clouds of steam whenever you breathe out, crunchy leaves underfoot. November is always the month when I find myself creating a cocoon at home – if I could, I’d probably hibernate for the winter, but as that’s not an option, creating a little winter haven is the second best option.

When the little kiddos were out with their dad the other day, I took the opportunity to give our living room a little makeover. While we spend very little time in their in the daytime {favouring the den and the playroom for their sunshine}, come the evening we all congregate in there. It’s a lovely space, but with white walls, grey carpet and high ceilings it can feel a little chilly and open without the right accessories.

A few carefully selected items can transform the feel of a room, quickly and inexpensively. Choose woollen throws, thick-piled rugs, cosy cushions and warm colours to make your space feel ultra cosy this afternoon.

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1| Throws. I have a thing for throws. I love to be cosy, and snuggling under a warm throw in the evening to watch a movie is my idea of a perfect evening. Knitted throws, patchwork quilts made from the kiddos old clothes, faux sheepskins. I picked up the woven, multi-coloured knitted throws at Dunelm Mill. Their warm colours and soft texture bring some warmth and cosiness to the cool leather sofas. Throw a faux fur throw over the sofa arm and spend the winter creating a gorgeous crochet blanket to adorn the back of the sofa.

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2| Layer up the rugs. I hate having cold feet, and even the carpet in the living room doesn’t really keep my toes warm, plus it’s not too comfy to stand on. Pick a thick-piled rug like my Afaw rug from La Redoute or a fluffy faux sheepskin rug for ultimate warm, cosy toes.

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3| Pile up the cushions. If you’re looking to get really cosy this winter, you can’t forget to pile the sofa with throw pillows! These are great for leaning against and also really make a nice style statement that makes you feel a little bit cosier. I like to pick covers like those chunky knit cushions, ones that are colourful and oversized {mine are from here and here}. You could even add in one or two Christmas themed cushions on top! {I’m kinda crushing on this one}

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4| Lighting. Lighting can make such a difference to the feel of a room. I have a big bug-bear with overhead lighting, especially when you’re trying to create a cosy atmosphere. I added this uplighter and paper floor lamp, which teamed with my bell jar lamp offer enough light for me to read/craft by but not so much the room feels bright and cold.

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5| Candles. Alongside soft lighting, candles are an essential for a warm, cosy home. They’re perfect when you’re curled up watching a movie, their soft flickering glow makes the room feel so warm and cosy. Choose scented candles {like this Vanilla Bean one I’m obssessed with} and you’ll make your room smell good too.

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6| Plants and Flowers. I’m a bit of a plant lover, nothing makes a house feel more like a home to me than a few {or many, many} plants dotted around the place. They add softness to the room, make it feel alive and lived in. In the winter I nearly always have some fresh flowers in the house, bringing some colour in and a reminder that spring shall come back soon!

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