DIY Boho Valentines Arrows

February is upon us already {where January went I have no idea!} and as I was filling in our wall calendar I realised it’s only a couple of weeks to Valentines Day. I usually organise a few treats for the kiddos, a homemade card and some chocolates, and they love to make something to give their friends too. After a bit of a think of something different, we could make this year, I decided to combine the gift and card into one, lovely handmade keepsake.

These boho arrows are super easy to make, don’t need too many craft supplies and are toddler-friendly too. With a handwritten note attached, they’re the perfect card/gift combo to give to those you love.

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Glue {we used a combination of glue dots & white glue}

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First step was to collect twigs, we took a morning walk in a brief break between rain showers. We broke off the twigs into lenghts around 12″, and then popped them on the raditor for an hour to dry off!

Next, cut your felt shapes. For each arrow you need a rectanglular piece, around 5″ long and 2″ wide, and two triangles.

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Fold the rectangular piece in half over one end of your twig, gluing in place. Then snip into each side as shown to feather it.

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Glue the two triangles together, sandwiching the other end of your twig in the middle.

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Cut some heart shapes out of your cardstock, add a sweet note, and tehn fasten to an arrow with twine or ribbon.

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Collaborative Post – Craft supplies were sent to use free of charge by Craft Merrily for us to take part in Bostik Bloggers 2017.


  1. Lucy Melissa Smith

    February 2, 2017 at 21:33

    Polly, these are beautiful. Just the kind of thing we love, I’ll definitely be making some of these! x

  2. Sarah

    February 3, 2017 at 10:47

    These are fab Polly, so much better than a lot of the naff stuff that appears around Valentine’s Day.

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