What sounds make your baby happy?

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Those first few weeks with a newborn are exhausting, and they have a tendency to sleep 24/7 {at least mine did}. By the time you make it to the six-week mark, you’re probably shattered but in love – even more so when you get that first smile and then a giggle. I remember all four of mine being that age, suddenly discovering that there were certain things you could do that always got a smile get out them or a chuckle. I don’t think anything compares to hearing your baby giggle and seeing them so happy, I always found it so rewarding especially after those first few tough weeks – getting something back from them made every sleepless night worthwhile.

Babies will laugh and smile at the same thing over and over again – you don’t need to worry about finding new ways to elicit happiness! From Beastie being a couple of months old, you could guarantee if he heard anyone of his sister’s voices he’d have a huge grin on his face and you could see his whole body quiver with excitement – especially if they’d been out for a little while. He has always loved playing with the girls, and it’s amazing how quickly he could identify their voices.

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For baby Lola, she used to LOVE me or her daddy saying “oooooh, new shoes!” {in a comical voice} – she always gave a proper belly laugh, and it was guaranteed to keep her happy through a nappy change! I think she must have loved the funny voice that we always used. Kiki used to love the sound of the hoover – my house was never so clean as when she was a baby! Baya used to love her toy record player – even just the sound of us winding us up would make her happy as she knew what was coming.

The great thing about knowing what sounds make your baby happy, is that it’s a great trick to have ready for times when they’re upset – it can work fantastically as a distraction. beastie has always loved music – especially one song by a friend’s band – even now if he is mid-tantrum, I can put the song on and his  tears will stop and his body will start swaying to the music.

C&G Babyclub have launched a new ‘Sound of Happy‘ campaign. I’d love to hear what sounds make your baby happy – is it a certain song, or a favourite toy? Perhaps a silly voice you do? Leave me a comment below, or share on social media with the #SoundofHappy.


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  1. Hellena

    April 26, 2017 at 09:57

    I have found that my baby gets excited by jingle sounds that emanate from his small piggy bank. I guess she will be a banker in the future :-)

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