Designing A Stylish Conservatory

More and more modern homes are either adding extensions or conservatories  – and it’s not hard to see why. That extra space can transform a cramped property into a larger, roomier home that helps it add a ton of value. IT really is worth taking the time to plan out a conservatory properly. Getting in the experts, such as projects 4 roofing is a wise move, as they will help ensure you have the conservatory of your dreams.

If you’re considering taking the plunge – or perhaps you already have – then you’re in the right place! Conservatories are wonderful rooms, and fantastic ways to create extra space for the whole family. They’re not cheap either, so why not treat them with the respect they deserve?

Tip 1: Choose a specific purpose


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Far too often, people will design and furnish a conservatory, only to never use it. If you know exactly what you need the space for, focus on that purpose and stick with it. Sometimes, people don’t know what to do with their conservatories, so they end up becoming a mish-mash of ideas.

To avoid this, choose a clear function. If it’s a dining room, design it with food in mind. If it’s a game room, allow in plenty of light and create more space on the floor. Be smart!

Tip 2: Don’t forget the roof


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Traditional conservatory roofs can look a bit cheap and basic, and they don’t exactly possess the best thermal qualities. But, an investment like a tiled conservatory roof offers you the chance to use the space all year round, because it’ll be much warmer in winter.

Having a room that’s only useful in the summer seasons is a massive waste of space. Plus, a brand new roof really makes that extension look like a proper part of the home, and is stylish to boot.

Tip 3: Don’t overdo the lights


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Because that would be a gigantic waste of time, and money. Use that natural lighting to your advantage! Conservatories, by design, are made of glass, so why anyone would neglect that is beyond me.

At the same time, don’t underdo it – when it gets dark, you’ll need to light the room up. I’d recommend purchasing a basic standing lamp that you can use in the evenings. One source is all you’ll need. Just make it fit with your choice of decor.

Tip 4: Plants


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I’m not talking about those half-dead, droopy, miserable looking plants, either. Your conservatory is the room most commonly associated with the outdoors, so plenty of plants would be prudent.

I’d start with a plant that has a nice scent. Think a potted orange or lemon tree to really make your space smell welcoming. Make sure it’s artificial, too. This reduces the amount of maintenance you’ll need to perform.

Tip 5: Minimalistic decor


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Your conservatory, by design, is minimalistic. It’s pure glass, and it looks simple and elegant. Your decor should reflect this, and you should keep it basic. Don’t overdo it with frilly cushions, rugs and couches. A simple picture frame, a small seating area and a single lamp will do the trick.

Plus, these rooms aren’t huge, so don’t act like they are. The more space you leave, the more the room can breathe, and it’ll feel bigger as a result.

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