Creating a relaxing bathroom

creating a relaxing bathroom


My bathroom is my sanctuary. It’s the place I head to in an evening to unwind, to relax and enjoy a little ‘me’ time. I’ve always loved a soak in a bath -good book, glass of wine, mountain of bubbles. I don’t think I appreciated it as much as I do since having children. Every day is full on, some days there is barely time to take a breath and by the time everyone is in bed, more often than not I’m a frazzled mess. I’ve made a big point of not working in the evenings anymore {bar the rare occasion} and try to take myself off for a good long bath at least once a week. Our upstairs bathroom is kind of finished, it’s in need of a new vanity unit but that is about it. One day I’d love to create my ideal bathroom, designed just the way I’d like it to be…

1| Bathtub – pretty much an essential! Our current bath is really narrow and I like to be able to spread out a little more. I’m thinking a nice corner bath {such as these great ones at SuperBath} would be just right – there is lots of space for one {or two!} and perfect for washing multiple kiddos in one go…

2| Shower – Showers are my essential in the morning – a quick five minutes {especailly after a rough night with the baby} and I feel almost human again! We have an electric shower right now, but it’s not the best and I’ve gotten my eye on a Grohe Shower, ideally with a large rainshower shower head.

3| Vanity Unit – Ideally I’d have a double sink {there is never quite enough space when everyone is trying to brush their teeth in a morning in one sink!}, and would love a built in vanity unit to house all the toiletries we have. I saw the perfect double sink {though I couldn’t find any bathroom taps I liked, but did see some nice kitchen taps – no one would know the difference would they?!}

4| Plants – a bathroom needs some greenery. A giant fern, or some spider plants are perfect bathroom companions.

5| Mirror – I’d like to install a mirror with built in lighting – perfect for putting your face on in a morning

6| Candles – a relaxing bath wouldn’t be quite the same with the overhead light glaring brightly. Add a few candles and the whole ambience of the room changes.

7| Storage – nothing stops you being able to relax like seeing a mountain of clutter. Good storage to hold all your towels, loo rolls and toiletries out of sight makes a huge difference.

8| Add some art – I’m a firm believer that adding art to the walls makes any room feel more homely. It really makes such a difference. Choose a couple of prints for your bathroom – they can be a great way to add a pop of colour, especially if, like me, you have a white suite and tiles.

This is a collaborative post. All words and thoughts are my own.

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