Slow Sunday mornings, breakfast in bed & The Sunday Times Magazine

breakfast in bed

I’ve always loved lazy Sunday mornings.After a busy week, a slower paced day is bliss, with four kids life is hectic and lived at 100mph most of the time, but I try hard to keep Sundays as un-busy as I can. Even as a teenager, they were lovely – working in retail meant I worked Saturdays, and then of course there was the compulsory Saturday night out. This meant nothing really happened on a Sunday. I’d spend the morning in bed, and then take a slow walk to the newsagents to pick up a newspaper, then back home to bed to read it. I always started with the magazines – life, style and some gossip were just the cup of tea on a Sunday! The Times’ Style Magazine was always my favourite bit to read, closely followed by the main Sunday Times Magazine itself. By the time I’d get to that I’d be drooling over the recipes and listening to my tummy rumbling for dinner!

sunday times magazine

Long gone are the lie-ins until lunch time {unfortunatley it appears having four kids doesn’t equate well to spending the morning asleep!}. However, I do still try and sneak back up for an hour sometimes to read the paper and have a cup of tea in peace. The Sunday Times magazine has been relaunched today, having received a gorgeous refresh, and I spent a happy {sunny} hour happily reading it cover to cover with tea and toast this morning. The magazine now includes the Driving/Jeremy Clarkson section, formerly a pull-out in the paper itself and India Knight has also moved from the paper to the Magazine.

sunday morning reading

The magazine now has a new ‘Life’ section – described as ‘the magazine’s guide to modern living’, it’s full of food, family, love and body tips, interviews and delicious recipes. This really appealed to me, it covers the topics that are most relevant to me – family & love, with plenty of recipes to wet my appetite and interesting interviews to read – I love Ruby Wax so was happy to find her interviewed in the magazine, she’s an inspiration.

lazy sunday morning

I also enjoyed reading new columnist, Simon Barnes, article about swans, and how they mate for life. They’re such beautiful creatures, when we lived in Lincoln we used to love feeding them – and given it’s Valentines Day today, their faithfulness seemed wholly appropriate! With some fantastic interviews, interesting articles and delicious recipes the magazine looks fantastic and was a great Sunday morning read. There’s something perfect about a quiet Sunday morning, enjoying reading a magazine, catching up on all the latest goings on and drinking a cup of tea. Now I’m a Mama I really appreciate these slow starts to a day.

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