Home Improvement New Year’s Resolutions


Ah! New Year’s Resolutions… how many have you broken already!? I’m still going strong on most of mine.. and we’ve just made a few extra ones – but this time for our home. After seven months in this house, it really feels like home and we’re beginning to identify things that we want to change or improve on. I’ve started making a list so that I can get the husband on the case on his days off. These are the top five things that I’d like to accomplish this year..


  1. Tackle the upstairs bathroom

While it already has a brand new suite, new tiles and freshly painted walls…it feels a bit cold and clinical. Plus there is no built in storage so we currently have our ancient changing table in there as a towel cupboard. We’re planning on building a unit to sit along one wall to store towels and toiletries in. I also want to put up a blind and sort out some softer lighting so bathtime is a little more relaxing


  1. Declutter

I’ve been on the case of this one already… with six of us in the house it seems we have an entire department store worth of stuff. I’ve been going through room by room getting rid of what we don’t need, is broken or just don’t like. It makes a huge difference having a clutter free house!


  1. Front Door

The front door is, well, probably older than me. It’s wooden and barely fits, and is probably not the safest door in the world. Entrance doors really need to be secure – I always worry about how easy it would be for someone to break in, I know a new one would be much more secure . A uPVC door would also cut down on drafts as ours lets a lot of cold air in which would help to lower our energy bills {one of our Live Lagom goals}.


  1. Decorate the den

Technically our fifth bedroom, an extension at the back of the house complete with en suite, it’s the one room that we haven’t really done anything with since moving in. It’s primarily G’s ‘man cave’ and occasional guest room, it also subs for our gym {housing my cross trainer and weights} and the kiddos sleepover room. We’re hoping to build an entertainment unit for one end to house the TV and all of G’s ‘stuff’, it could use some art on the walls, a new lampshade and a rug or two!


  1. Safe Windows

Our house has a mix of old, feature windows and new double glazed windows. While I really love the kitchen window and the toilet window as they have original stained glass windows in, my office window is still just an old wooden framed window. As it opens onto the flat roof of our extension, I’m conscious that it probably isn’t very safe, so I would like to switch it for a uPVC unit – I like the looks of the tilt and turn style that mean I can ventilate the room without allowing full access from outside.


Have you made any home improvement New Year Resolutions this year?



  1. There's always time for tea

    January 31, 2016 at 10:41

    Good luck sounds like you are going to have a busy year! xx

    1. polly

      January 31, 2016 at 10:50

      Thanks! My husband may not be so pleased at all my plans for the year!! ha!

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